About Us

You know the look your pet gives you when you’re leaving the house? The look that says, “You’re leaving me?! When are you coming back?”

As pet owners ourselves, we get that look a lot. One day we thought to ourselves, what happens if we can’t come back for some reason? What will happen to our pets then?

After surveying pet owners and veterinarians, we found that’s an all-too-common situation. We decided that we wanted to find a solution – to figure out a way to care for pets when their owners experience an emergency.

So, we created PetFret.

PetFret provides peace-of-mind to pet owners through a monthly membership for on-call emergency pet sitting.

With PetFret, if that day should ever come where you’re unable to take care of your furry friend, we’ll feed and take care of them in your absence.

When we’re notified that you’re unable to care for your pet due to an emergency, our team will work with a network of professionals to immediately put your pet in a safe and friendly environment until you’re able to be back with your pet.

Now, when your pet gives you that look – you’ll know they won’t have to wait too long. You’ve got a team of dog and cat lovers ready to step in at a moment’s notice to save their day – and possibly their lives.