What happens to your pet if something happens to you?

Let’s face it, accidents can happen at any moment. And if something happens to you that prevents you from taking care of your pet, the results could be tragic.

Now, PetFret can be there to care for your pets when you can’t!

PetFret currently serves Lincoln, Nebraska and surrounding communities by providing an emergency on-demand service to members who are separated from their pets and are unable to care for them. When notified, the PetFret team will mobilize the people needed to care for your pet until you are able to return. PetFret’s team of pet lovers and owners will see that your pet is provided the same degree of care that you would provide to ensure that they are happy and healthy upon your return. PetFret’s members enjoy a variety of other benefits, including resources to help keep their pets safe and healthy, and discounted services through our network of pet care and service providers. PetFret’s goal is to serve our customers in their time of need, and we are pleased to make ourselves available to you.